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Jib Camera Crane Techniques Entertainment is something that is so much demanding in the world today. Among the many different forms of entertainment the article will only put focus on the visual entertainment. There is need of a lot of equipment to make the many programs airing in the television today. The audience waiting to be entertained are the drive for this. Among the many equipment camera cranes and jib are so important in making quality and advanced video productions. There are possibly so many designs and sizes that these mechanical devices can be made in. Dolly effects added to crane techniques give films a drama perspective. There are so many factors that go beyond the fact that cranes only move up and down. The rise up technique is the most common thing that could be done using a jib crane. In this case the camera will ascend vertically. Depending on what the director wants the audience to see there are so many ways that these crane technique can be made very useful. The movement of the camera to a close up facial of the character is one use of this crane technique that is so often used. In case there is an obstruction the movement can be used to reveal what is on the other side. A revealing technique is also a good name to call this based on the above explanation. Another very good movement of the crane is known as the crane up and away technique. Moving characters like a car is the best to take with this shot. Always it starts with a closer shot of a given part of the car say the windscreen so that you can see the character. Then slowly the crane will move further away from the object revealing the whole of it. It will be like the car is moving out of focus but the camera working to bring it back.
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A crane down and closer technique is another very good trick. This works in the reverse of the technique mentioned above. In the beginning of this technique the crane will be way above in the sky focusing on the whole character that is moving. What follows is that the camera comes closer giving the character a closer shot. In the same way it works best for a moving object.
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A crane down with a look up technique is also a very nice trick. The beginning of the technique will have the camera directly facing the character. The next thing is to move the camera downwards while it is still in focus of the character. The character will still be in focus as the camera will be down and tilted towards it. The change in angles of the camera in this shot can be said to have moved from a basic angle to a dramatic angle.