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What Job Roles Are Making Their Mark on the Digital Industry? Part 1

Free Pdf Download Best Digital Marketing Plan

Digital jobs allow candidates to utilise both their creative and technical ability. If you want to work in this industry then you need to have a passion for discovering the best new products. One of the best things you can do to help you predict upcoming digital trends is to perform regular searches online. If click on the news section in your chosen search engine then you should be provided with thousands of up to date stories and articles.
Marketing has filtered into the internet and provided marketing specialists with a range of exciting new techniques to take advantage of. This has resulted in a range of new and very specialist jobs becoming available. The aim of this article is to predict which of these jobs could prove popular in the next year. The descriptions provided will be very brief, so if you want to find out more about your chosen job it is probably best to talk to a digital recruitment agency.
Email Marketing Executive
One of the reasons why email marketing is becoming so popular is because it is now so easy to measure results. Thanks to the implementation of tracking technology, you can start to understand user behaviour and evaluate every email campaign. Email marketing campaigns can also generate good results and deliver a fairly high success rate if done properly. Some companies may choose to hire a marketing specialist who will take on email marketing as a part of their job. However, more and more companies are choosing to hire email marketing specialists to work full time, because it is now a highly specialised area.
Digital Packaging Designer
This is becoming a fairly popular job because new technology allows designers to create highly innovate packaging designs. You would be surprised by just how much packaging we consume and how much work goes into producing an eye catching product.
SEO Manager
This is not just a job that is growing at the moment, it is an essential part to any business that wishes to survive in today’s online environment. This job is becoming much more specialised and companies are now choosing to hire individuals that will focus solely on improving their rankings.

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Affiliation Programs and Brand Creation

Starting and building a new company can be one of the most challenging tasks a person could ever face. The sheer size of competition among companies these days is intimidating. Thankfully the internet has become almost a level playing field for brands. Thanks to the internet, sales aren’t determined by whose store s larger or whose billboard is the biggest.

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Brands can now directly target their customer base through online marketing. One of the ways that brands can get a farther reach on the internet is through affiliate programs. In this case, affiliate marketing is the term to be used. Affiliate marketing has been described as one of the best online marketing programs that are available to small business. This form of marketing has no risk involved in it. Fees are paid to affiliate marketers after results have been seen.

The Boohoo Example

A perfect example of the importance of the use of affiliate programs in establishing a brand is Boohoo. Boohoo clothing is a large e commerce site which sells its products in mainstream fashion. This e commerce site has a large affiliate program through which regular people can earn commissions by referring new customers via the Boohoo website. The Boohoo brand was started in 2006 making it about twelve years old. In twelve years Boohoo has gone from a small retail brand to large and well recognized ecommerce store.

In 2017 boohoo reported a 97% rise in its pre-tax profits making almost £31 million. A major part of the success of boohoo clothing can be attributed to the internet. Boohoo has invested in a substantial amount of affiliate programs which have driven their profits up.

Boohoo share price climbed by 4% taking this years improvement to about 35%. Majority of this growth can be attributed to boohoo’s affiliate programs that offer 7% commission for referrals and a bunch of other perks. The boohoo affiliate program has converted almost every shopper into a potential marketer. This has given boohoo stock an added advantage.

The Boohoo clothing affiliate program model is proof that affiliate programs can turn companies to brands. The brands high profile celebrity affiliations have sparked a market climb which at some point put it toe to toe with Asos.

Applying Affiliate Programs

Taking a page from the Boohoo book, upcoming e-commerce sites and entrepreneurs in general may need to consider significant investments in affiliate programs as a strategy to boost growth. However, adopting the affiliate program might be complex.  Affiliate programs have to be well structured. The Boohoo clothing program clearly identifies benefits of referrals and has a proper method for tracking referrals. Anything less applied can have a disastrous effect on the reputation of a company. The inability to track and measure compensation for affiliate programs ca have an adverse effect on a company.

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