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Duties Of A Loss Adjuster A claims adjuster is an individual who investigates, analyzes and determines whether or not a claimant is eligible for insurance compensation. Also known as a loss adjuster, his major responsibility is to investigate and find reliable links between the claimant and witnesses. Due to the fact that calamities strike unexpectedly, it is rather important for a person to insure his property once in a year. A loss adjuster is an individual who carries out a number of duties, with one of them being to investigate and process insurance claims. It is always important for this individual to authenticate claims on behalf of an insurance company so that it does not suffer from any unexpected losses. When this has been determined, a claimant can then be adequately compensated. Also, the claims adjuster interviews witnesses and the claimant. Such investigation is necessary as it helps develop a link between what the claimant and the witnesses are saying. Real time witness accounts are therefore very essential for this demanding process. To find out the extent of the damage and the amount of compensation that might be involved, the loss adjuster has to carry out his own independent assessment that is solely based on his investigative findings. Hence, a loss adjuster always acts as an advisor to an insurance company. In circumstances when the claimant does not agree with the amount of compensation being offered to him, the loss adjuster steps in to ensure that a consensus can be arrived at in no time.
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Any raw information obtained during the investigations is recorded by the adjuster. It is from this valuable data that relevant information can be deduced from. This report is very crucial to an insurance company since it can be archived for future referencing. For effective compensation, it is always important that a detailed process is outlined so as to avoid wastage of resources, something that is provided for by an insurance adjuster.
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In certain circumstances, claims are ruled out to be null and void. When things get out of hand, the insurance adjuster is required to work in conjunction with company advocates so as to ensure that the image of the company is protected at all times. However when a claimant has been found to be eligible for pay, he is the person that does this on behalf of the insurance company. Finally, the insurance adjuster plays the special role of preparing and presenting claims to insurance companies. From the synopsis of the roles of an insurance adjuster, it is evident enough that he plays a very critical role in protecting an insurance company’s image and also ensuring that claimants get their compensation whenever it is due.