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Why Welded Steel Tanks are the Best

There are places where water rights are limited if not restricted to public agencies. However in other regions, rainwater harvesting can be an innovative and economical way of conserving water. This benefits many people by lowering their utilities, and it can help many municipalities facing infrastructure dilemma. Moreover, rainwater is functionally beneficial since it is naturally lower in salt content and lacks the chemical agents found in water treatment facilities. You will also have enough rainwater in your storage to be able to give your plants the water that they need to flourish.

Harvesting rainwater would means choosing the tank with the right design and the right size that would fit in your property.

The structural framework of an above the ground tank (If you choose this over an underground tank) necessitates an appropriate location in your property. But more importantly what material to use in constructing the tank itself.
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It is beneficial to use concrete polyethylene and bolted steel for you tanks but the best overall choice are welded steel tanks. Not only do welded steel tanks last longer than the others, but their lifetime cost is lowest and require the least maintenance.
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Other than the inherent quality of stainless steel against corrosion, stainless steel is also resistant to rust that internal and external coatings are not even needed to protect the base metal. Stainless steel also remains ductile through all temperature ranges so it is also highly resistant to this other natural element. So, a welded stainless steel tank has an expected lifespan of over a hundred years while bolted steel tanks only last thirty years.

Unlike concrete tanks that are prone to cracking and leaking, welded steel tanks are leak-free. A crack in your steel tank will not only make for expensive repairs but it can also collect bacteria if left unattended which will compromise water sanitation. Also, bolted steel tanks also pose a danger as every bolt on the tank represents a potential point of weakness.

Another benefit of using welded steel tanks is its cost since they have a long life which does not require much maintenance. Comparing costs over the long term, welded steel tanks are a lot lower than the costs of bolted steel tanks and concrete ones.

There are different jobs that require different tank shapes and sizes, so it makes real sense to build a tanks according to your needs rather than buy a pre-fabricated one. You should choose the best type and material for your water tank for you rainwater harvesting that will benefit you in the long run.