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What’s The Function Of A Catalytic Converter?

Despite the fact that cars are necessary for our day to day lives and very convenient to use, the rate of air pollution it creates is without a doubt harmful to the environment. But these emissions are now controlled due to the integration of catalytic converter which reduces the amount of chemicals released.

Cars with internal combustion engines mix air as well as fuel. The mixture produces combustion which is used to power the vehicle the moment when spark plugs create ignition. The leftover in the process exits on valves and this process continues for thousands of times more. Some unused fuel in form of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons as well as nitrogen oxide exits the car and cause air pollution. The job of the catalytic converter is to make sure that the engine emissions are clean and make them less dangerous and safer for both the people and environment. By using chemical reaction and energy, the catalyst is transforming some gases producing a more favorable result.

Through oxidation process, the catalytic converters can change the harmful byproducts of combustion. By introducing oxygen on heated gases, it causes the HC as well as CO to turn as carbon dioxide and water which in a sense is less harmful. Catalyst has a thin layer of platinum and coating is applied on substrate material like honeycomb that’s made either of metal or ceramic. Small platinum atoms bind the molecules tightly then oxygen is introduced enabling the catalyst to work.

There are many different types of catalytic converters and among them is the 2-way converter that does the processes above. You may not believe it but since the mid 70s, this has been implemented to be used on cars to be able to address third byproduct which is NOx. 3-way converters are designed and created with an additional step also known as reduction. What this does is splitting NOx into oxygen and nitrogen. This is a real challenge but it’s been resolved by way of introducing oxygen between the oxidation and reduction stage to make it more efficient.
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On the other hand, one setback of catalytic converters is the fact that it needs certain temperature in order to process chemical reaction properly. To put it simply, the device is not going to work if the car is overheating and it will not work either in the first few minutes upon starting the car. Other issues that you have to watch out when driving is road temperature as well as debris as this can potentially cause damage to the converter. Other than that, expect the device to work just fine.Study: My Understanding of Options