Serving Fun Vegan Party Foods

Everyone loves a party, but when following a vegan diet, party foods can be tricky. Most people look forward to the variety of foods offered at parties, but when your diet is limited, party foods can become a nightmare instead of something to enjoy. When unsure of the ingredients, it’s usually easier to forgo many of the offered treats instead of risking a dietary slip-up from inadvertently consuming hidden food ingredients that may be on your forbidden food list, such as eggs or dairy. Likewise, if a vegan is hosting a party, friends may needlessly worry that there will be no foods for them to eat except carrots and celery. Fortunately, there are many delicious vegan and eggless party food choices that everyone can enjoy. Whether hosting a kid’s birthday party, a get-together with a few friends or even an afternoon tea, there are many vegan food choices that are perfectly acceptable for all the guests, vegans and non-vegans alike.

For a child’s birthday party, many delicious cake mixes are available in egg-free, dairy-free varieties, with vegan frosting and vegan ice-cream options easily added to the fun. Cut up fruits with dip, peanut butter and jelly or veggie finger sandwiches, tortilla chips and pretzels can round out the snacks, leaving the kids happy, full and none the wiser that they all ate healthfully.

For an adult’s get-together, chips and dip, tortilla chips and salsa, veggie spring rolls, mini stuffed peppers with cashew cream instead of cream cheese and of course, fruit and veggie platters with dip and hummus are always good choices. Many non-vegans may fear there will be no food for them to eat, but it’s easy to see that there is plenty. With a variety of salads, marinated and grilled veggie kabobs and vegan cheese options, the choices are many.

A fun and light afternoon tea party is always fun. Cucumber and watercress finger sandwiches, fruit-filled tarts and a few scones will make the afternoon enjoyable and the menu will be acceptable for all. Add a variety of flavored and herbal teas, along with sugar, sugar alternatives and non-dairy creamer and everyone will have a good time.

With a bit of preparation and planning, parties and all their delicious foods can be enjoyable for everyone. Kids, adults, vegans, non-vegans, those eating healthy and those that eat-it-all, with a large variety of party foods available, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.