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Foods You Should Eat During Pregnancy Pregnancy is one of the most delicate experiences in life. This is for both the man and the woman. If you have learnt of your pregnancy recently you need to have certain factors in mind. Knowing the exact date of conception might be tough, but it is something you need to be aware of. You can identify the exact conception date with the help of a conception date calendar. Knowledge of the date of conception is a good idea of how to calculate your trimesters. With this in mind, you can start making the right choices about what you need to eat while pregnant. Below are some of the things you should have in your diet while pregnant. Eat Fish regularly You may not have a liking for certain types of fish. However, you probably have a favorite. Regardless of whether it is Salmon or even Tilapia the aim is to get as much omega-3 in your diet as possible. When you are pregnant, you need to get a lot of omega-3 in your diet particularly DHA and EPA. These are ideal for development of the eyes and the brain. Include Folic Acid in Your Diet Another thing you will have to include in your diet is folic acid. This will help you lower risk of birth defects and also increase your red blood cell count. This acid is critical for anybody trying to have a baby or for pregnant women up to week 12 of the pregnancy. This is why it is important to know your conception dates.
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Consume a lot of Dairy Products If you want to provide for the growing fetus adequately, you should always eat properly. Extra proteins and calcium are essential for the developing fetus. Dairy products are usually excellent sources of calcium and proteins. Dairy products contain casein which is a high-quality protein that is healthy for the fetus. Additionally, calcium is also acquired through dairy products, and it is also necessary for the fetus. They also help in the provision of other elements such as vitamin b, zinc, phosphorous and magnesium. Most expectant mothers prefer taking yoghurt as compared to other dairy products. This is due to its high protein and calcium content as well as probiotics which are good at reducing pregnancy complications.
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Egg Intake You can consider eggs as some of the best foods for pregnancy. This is because they are highly nutritious. They have high minerals and vitamins content that is good for the fetus. Additionally, they also have high quality protein content. Eggs can be called brain foods because of its role in brain development. Eggs contain choline which is usually necessary for the development of the brain. According to research, neural tube defects can occur if you lack choline in your diet. Poor brain development might occur due to the lack of this essential element.